This Special Offer Is Available Only To 5% of The Lingo Blaster members!
Combine THIS with Lingo Blaster and put YOUR VIDEOS ON STEROIDS!
NOTE: this is not a LINGO Blaster update, this is a separate software!
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ACT NOW And Get Instant Access To

$17/ 200 credits

* 1 credit = 1 subtitle translation

I’m Stoica and on behalf of me and my partner Vlad I want to say THANK YOU for all the feedback and for sharing the IMPRESSIVE results you got with Lingo Blaster!
Lingo Blaster was already used for 10,000 videos and you performed over 93,000 translations!
And the thing that is making us super proud… is that Lingo WORKED perfectly!
No lags, no delay, no problems!

Probably you don’t get such a HIGH quality software that often on JVzoo… right??
Well, we are different.

We always try to release only HIGH-quality tools, and we always listen to the feedback we get from our clients.

Talking about feedback…
One of the most requested feature from the current Lingo members is the option to…

Add CAPTIONS/Subtitles in multiple languages to your videos
Actually, a few members added captions to their videos and shared the RESULTS with us!
They put Lingo Blaster on STEROIDS!

What many people don’t know is that:

Over 50% of videos are watched without sound!

No matter how good your video looks…
…if your audience can’t understand your videos message…
You’re missing out on a ton of potential sales.

Think about Hanz from Germany…
He doesn’t speak English that good…
But still he’s watching HOLLYWOOD movies each day… right?
Well… all the movies have GERMAN subtitles…

Why do you think all NETFLIX movies have subtitles in all the foreign languages!

Adding translated captions to your videos was the MISSING PIECE from Lingo Blaster
But even if we wanted to add this feature right from the start… It would be impossible.

Lingo Blaster is an online solution and we are paying for all the translations that you make and for the server costs.

And translating and adding captions is 10 times more demanding than translating your titles and descriptions…

On average a YouTube video description has 121 words while a subtitle for the same video has on average 1,421 words

Because you asked for it…
WARNING: This software is not for everyone…

We sold over 2000 Lingo Blaster copies…

And we will limit this to only 5% of our clients… that means that we are opening only 100 SPOTS
after those spots are filled up… You will not be able to get access to this!

We are releasing this software for a super low price… and honestly opening more than 100 spots could make us lose money…

With Only 2 Clicks You’ll Be Able To
ADD Captions/Subtitles In Over 100+ Languages
To ALL Your Videos!

Normally we would offer this software at 67$/month, but because we really want to help you,
and we are limiting this to only 5% of the Lingo members….

We will make this available for ONLY $17/month!!

$17/ 200 credits

* 1 credit = 1 subtitle

This is a steal of a price, we are barely breaking even with the server and translations costs,
but we’re releasing THIS update to HELP you.

And because you are an action-taker you DESERVE all our help!
I know you’ll continue to share your results with others and you’ll bring me more Lingo Blaster clients on the long run.

Make up your mind fast because spots are limited…
And you know there are no risks for you!
Our software is top quality and each day, both me and VLAD are here to help you…

And to make this an easier decision for you…
You can TEST CAPTIONIZER for 30 days...
and if in those 30 days you don’t see any INCREASE in traffic, you can ask for your money back!

By the way, you can use CAPTIONIZER for as many videos as you want, for as many languages as you want.

AND to make this even a better deal for you, we will allow you to add captions and subtitles to your CLIENTS videos too!

Just think about selling THIS service to other marketers!
Just think about creating a Fiverr gig… easy money 🙂

So without any further due… check out how many spots are left and get CAPTIONIZER today:

$17/ 200 credits

* 1 credit = 1 subtitle

Our Zero Risk Guarantee
Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
I know you are going to LOVE this offer but in case you think we deliver something else that’s stated here or you receive ZERO value from it (highly unlikely)…
I’ll refund 100% of your purchase, no hassle and no hard feelings.

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